The reusable water
bottle Flaska is made
from glass – the material
that is friendly to the
environment as well
as your health.
0,5l & 0,75l
The wide selection of different
models in will surely satisfy even
the most demanding customers.
The Flaska cap provides the perfect
seal. In case of wear and tear or
if you damage or lose it, we will
provide a new one free of charge.
The Flaska glass water bottle has
been programmed using the TPS
procedure. In five minutes, the
structure of the water in the
Flaska will become similar to
that of spring water.
Flaska can be imprinted
with a name, a specific pattern
or a company logo.
The protective neoprene, silicone,
cotton or cork sleeve protects the
glass bottle from breaking and
helps to keep the water cool.

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check out
Flaska Models

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